Having a team stationed in Japan allows us access to Japans very large dealer network and guarantees the highest quality JDM imports in the Country. US $1,560. Mini trucks can be better in nearly every measurable way compared to the overpriced toys. Shop millions of cars from over 22,500 dealers and find the perfect car. Power steering and air conditioning were among the options available for the Acty, both of which are standard in conventional passenger vehicles. Title alone is worth the price! 8 Are mini trucks allowed on public roads in New Jersey? The truck will be registered as a motorcycle or quad to be exact. Learn how you can get a street legal mini truck in Australia. 660 cc, 3 cylinder, water cooled, overhead-camshaft, 4-cycle, gasoline engine with 18,171 mile s (29,243 kilometer s), original mileage and very well kept unit. Hijet Super Jumbo 4WD. They do not meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and cannot readily be modified to meet them. Mini trucks can be used on roads with a posted speed limit of 55 mph. Mini trucks are versatile vehicles that are fun, durable, easy to maintain, and extremely affordable. It would have been sold new in Japan between 2000 and 2004 still a good decade from the standard 25-year import threshold, if it wasn't a mini-truck. Use the Down key to navigate the sub categories and once on the subcategory you are interested in. For a short and recession-stained period of time Toyota offered a small piece of its Daihatsu range in America, which managed to last longer than Daewoo's assault on the mainland U.S. years later. Shop millions of cars from over 22,500 dealers and find the perfect car. The bottom line with any car is how you may modify it to fit your individuality. You need to pay a 400 dollar transsaction fee to get the ball rolling but you need to insure the truck before the paperwork is finished. View details Available for $7,500 1991 Daihatsu Hijet Jumbo 5-Speed 2WD Last August I bought a '93 Hijet that is licensed in Ca.I had problems trying to transfer it to my name because DMV said it had to be smogged.There are no specs to smog it so I was referred to the DMV referee program where I learned that vehicles under 50 cubic inches are exempt.I then went to an independent registration place and he was finally able to get it transferred for me.I have since received the renewal notice and there was no mention of smog so hopefully I'm ok.All that this means is that it is possible but your biggest obstacle is going to be getting a title.I have no clue how to do it honestly but I know of one guy who registered a Carry by claiming it was a Samurai but I sure wouldn't advise that.Your best bet is to find a good independent registration agent to handle it for you.All that said I have seen 2 other minis street legal on Craigs list. We hope that you can use this information to help you choose which truck to buy, and how to get behind the wheel in your hometown! As long as you come prepared with all of the required information, with a healthy dose of patience and explanation, you should be able to get your plate and drive down the road in your shiny little truck! Same applies for any other vehicle you could import from Japan. The Suzuki Carry, Daihatsu Hijet and more,MiniTruckDealer.com provides a large selection of Japanese used mini trucks. Autoweek participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics". You cannot use them on the highway but there are no restrictions on their use for off-road purposes. Until that time, Daihatsu's bread and butter was the manufacture of small hatches like the Charade which, incidentally, became one of the models that Toyota introduced in the U.S. in 1988. Minitrucks.net is one of the only companies that can certify and import mini trucks under 25 years old to the USA. Importing an automobile into the United States might be a daunting process for someone who has never done it before. Perhaps one day we'll see it again in some form, when Toyota needs another youth brand. A 3 speed automatic or 5 gear manual transmission is available, along with an RWD or selectable 4WD powertrain. Legal Mini Trucks See how easy it is to start driving a mini truck wherever you live. The truck can be used for a variety of tasks such as moving products, agriculture, fishing, building, manufacturing, commercial, technological, and so on. Accepting Cash, Credit Card, Bank Checks. Japanese Domestic Market refers to Japans home market. Look for your location below, or shoot us a message to ask for more information about mini trucks in your area. Japanese mini trucks are tiny but practical right-hand-drive pick-up trucks that come in the RWD or 4WD version. What 3 things do you do when you recognize an emergency situation? La huitena generaci de la Daihatsu Hijet va comenar la seua comercialitzaci al gener de 1994, desprs d'haver sigut presentada al 30 Sal de l'Autombil de Tquio a l'octubre de 1993. Learn how you can get a street legal mini truck in NZ. Daihatsu Hijets are the best all-season work UTVs for sale today. Toyota's announcement to scrap Scion came as a surprise this week -- the brand had just debuted new models and was promising more. These vehicle will be beginning their new lives in America soon! Deciding on the best kei truck to import from Japan is a difficult question as they are all good and have their advantages and drawbacks. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Financing Available!!! Brought up in the California car culture and educated in theater, childhood education, film, journalism and history, Nathan now lives with his family in Denver, CO. His words, good humor and video are enjoyed worldwide. Mini trucks are sold for off-road use only, speed-limited to max 20 MPH in compliance with all relevant US federal regulations. The windshield and wipers on a Kei truck are vital not only to satisfy regulatory road-safety criteria but also to protect the safety of the truck as well as yourself. Along with its longevity and dependability, numerous importers or dealers of Japanese small trucks boast a large supply of spare parts. But its hardly the end of the world for Japanese Kei. How do you keep mosquitoes from biting you abroad? Mini Truck Laws and Information by Location Mini trucks are not allowed on public roads in New Mexico. A/C OK for USA. 1995 Daihatsu hijet 4wd climber $ 9,797 $ 11,797 $ 170/mo* $ 170/mo* Ask me anything. Hijet is. We may earn money from the links on this page. Is It Video: This New Truck Tech Makes Your Pickup WORSE! Rather than explain each states requirement for these vehicles, here is the Insurance Institute for Highway Safetys (IIHS) explanation of state-by-state requirements. Most small trucks are two-seaters with sparse cabins, designed solely for practicality. You cant go wrong with them because theyre produced by some of the worlds finest manufacturers. Find 28 used Daihatsu in Los Angeles, CA as low as $7,797 on Carsforsale.com. Lets discuss them now. In general, resale values are determined by mileage, truck operating life, parts availability, and price. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Invite customers to join your mailing list. This page compiles some of the key information needed to import a single mini truck, or full container, to the USA such as: The Import ProcessStreet Legal Mini TrucksOff-Road Mini TrucksMini Trucks For Sale to the USA. Used Daihatsu Hijet 2008 For Sale. In hard economic times due to government responses to the Corona Virus, a Japanese kei truck is going to be the best vehicle to have as they are reliable, high in capability, low in running costs, and will keep its value. They have a starting price of $800 for a 25-year-old unit and up to $5000 for those around 10 years old with dump boxes. to ask for more information about mini trucks in your area. Look for your location below, or. Full Disclosure - Once this truck finally gets started on a cold start, it runs like a champion. But its dependable features made it a popular vehicle outside of the domestic market as well. The initial Daihatsu Hijet had a 360 cc two-stroke engine, as required under Kei vehicle legislation at the time. (Why drive a normal truck when you can import a Japanese Domestic Mini Fire Truck? Checking tires frequently to ensure they retain adequate traction is a good habit to get into. ATL JDM's twenty plus years of experience, knowledge, and services, save you the headache and hassle of importing allowing you more time to enjoy the ride! 9/09 roads with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less 25 mph low-speed vehicle, Minnesota 08/01/09 local option local option mini truck, Missouri 08/14/08 local option 45 mph utility vehicle, Nebraska 01/01/11 any road except interstate highways, freeways or expressways no minitruck, New Hampshire 9/11/10 roads with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less located within 25 miles of the registrants home or place of business no low-speed utility vehicle, North Dakota 08/01/07 any paved road except highways with a posted speed of more than 65 mph 55 mph off-highway vehicle, Ohio 01/01/17 roads with a posted speed limit of less than 35 mph if allowed by local ordinance (effective 01/01/17) 35 mph (effective 01/01/17) mini-truck (effective 01/01/17), Oklahoma 11/01/08 any road except interstate highways no mini-truck, Tennessee 07/01/08 streets where the posted speed limit is less than 40 mph; a county or municipality may prohibit the operation of medium-speed vehicles on any road under its jurisdiction if the governing body of the county or municipality determines that such a prohibition is necessary in the interest of safety 35 mph mini-truck, Utah 10/01/08 any road except an interstate freeway; limited access highway; street within a county of the first class; or a municipality that is within a county of the first class 45 mph off-highway vehicle or street-legal all-terrain vehicle, Wyoming 01/01/08 any road except interstate highways if a multipurpose vehicle is incapable of achieving the maximum speed allowed on the specific highway, it shall be operated on the extreme right hand edge of the roadway multipurpose vehicle. View More $ Contact Us. Search Millions Find Yours Welcome to Carsforsale.com . Hell, in some states you can legally drive a mini truck on certain roads. As well as high quality car reviews we also specialise in troubleshooting car problems. We do recommend to check with your DMV prior to purchase to confirm that your vehicle can be registered if you plan to use on the street. Providing everything you need to know about mini trucks. The truck has been sitting in my yard ever since and needs someone to finish this project! Financing Available!!! 5 What is the most reliable Japanese mini truck? Ask our export experts how to import mini trucks to your country. Chinese versions, however, have easily available components. This process varies from state to state, and sometimes from person to person. Even if a little dent is minimal, it might nevertheless result in reductions on the day of delivery. Which one is the better off-roader? Inspect the rubber pads on the windshield wiper blades regularly and change them entirely if they are producing dents or are damaged. Mini trucks come in a variety of shapes and types, and choosing the appropriate one is critical. Find out more about how this works by clicking the link below. Imported Japanese mini trucks and vans are eligible for street use in most states if they are over 25 years old. Daihatsu Hijet Truck 1995 40,920 miles Manual 4WD 660 cc 4WD 5-Speed Manual Car price US $3,089 Total price (C&F) US $5,094 Inquire Now Show all photos Daihatsu Hijet Truck 1994 27,900 miles Manual 4WD 660 cc Car price US $3,400 Total price (C&F) US $5,170 Inquire Now Show all photos Daihatsu Hijet Truck 1992 1,240 miles Manual 4WD 660 cc Car price Newer model mini trucks, or Japanese "Kei-trucks," are also sold in the US, of course. Find a Japanese mini truck to replace your UTV for sale near you. 1997 Street Legal Daihatsu Mini Truck, 44, 5 speed with only 23,170 original miles! New & Used Japanese Mini-Truck, Vans and Other Interesting Vehicles - Deal with the Best. Whether you are a car enthusiast, or a rural mail/postal carrier, we are happy to assist all of your needs. Car price. Also, the height cannot be more than 79 inches for categorization reasons. Japanese Mini Truck off-road 44 UTVs lead the way in performance, equipment, quality, price and longevity. Those arent the kinds of automobiles wed all like to have. Remember all those Chevy Trackers with painfully-90s aqua zig-zag stickers on the sides? If you have any questions, you can always contact us to learn more. Easily amused by anything with four wheels, Nathan Adlen reviews vehicles from the cheapest to the most prestigious. Providing everything you need to know about mini trucks. Vehicles in Japan are subjected to a thorough inspection regularly. All JDM vehicles that come through ATL JDM comply with the 25 year rule for the legal importation of foreign vehicles. 6 Are mini trucks street legal in my state? If you are registering in Florida, we handle the registration process for you! Invite customers to join your mailing list. The Charade was already in its third generation, offering a 1.0-liter three-cylinder good for 53 hp in addition to more "powerful" 1.3-liter four-cylinder. It is a small, right-hand-drive vehicle that was initially debuted in 1949. Check out our Custom Import Plan where we find EXACTLY what JDM Vehicle you are looking for. We thoroughly inspect each JDM vehicle before purchase and all JDM vehicles are serviced before making their way to the United States. As off-road vehicles, mini trucks are legal to drive in all 50 states on most unpaved roads, in rural areas, and on private property. 1995 Daihatsu hijet 4wd climber $ 9,797 $ 11,797 $ 170/mo* $ 170/mo* While inspecting atop the truck, dont forget to inspect below the vehicle, as such areas are continuously exposed to dirt and water. Daihatsu Hijet Mini truck 1997 for Sale. If you know of any updates to these ordinances, drop us a line! Since its introduction decades ago, the Mazda Scrum has continued to progress in terms of overall characteristics, making it one of the most coveted minivans not just in Japan, but globally. There are existing laws for kei trucks restricting their use on public roads. Its a technical and architectural dream. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. We and our partners share information on your use of this website to help improve your experience. Learn more about our writers on our about us page. Hijet Deck-Van. One of the finest work trucks is the Japanese Kei truck. Street Legal and can be registered in Any State except for CALIFORNIA. Description. I am here to help you with your car questions. Price is $1400. Its practical, stylish, and reasonably priced, and it gets the job done. 64,004.46 miles Manual 2WD 660 cc. -. Call Now. The Suzuki Carry, Daihatsu Hijet and more,MiniTruckDealer.com provides a large selection of Japanese used mini trucks. Japanese mini trucks are go-anywhere machines with 4WD on all makes with high and low range. In some ways, theyre all the same- tough, uncomplicated, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and very competent. Street Legal Mini Trucks in Canada. Kei trucks are renowned due to their versatility, great engine performance, weight carrying capacity, and low cost. Simply deny the dispatch if you discover a major fault with the vehicle and request a new item, using the dealers guaranteed delivery period. Slight damage to the lower front driver's door, and underneath . Even with the restrictions above, ATL JDM is able to source out twenty five year old JDM vehicles with our standards of quality being top priority. ATL JDM can even arrange for shipping straight to your doorstep in California, or anywhere else in the United States. Furthermore, these vehicles are extremely fuel-efficient and can provide you with tremendously effective service for every mile that you travel. As a result, the desire for these little compact vehicles is increasing. If we don't have a specific JDM Import you are looking for in stock, we are able take custom orders. As seen above, some states allow them to be driven on public roads under specific conditions as well. It has different shapes and purposes for rural and urban use, and it is sold internationally by second-hand manufacturers from Japan. However, recent models may include an automatic transmission. The '23 Toyota Corolla Hatch Is Normcore on Wheels, What We Learned in Red Bulls Domination In Baku, Prock, Hight Add Wins to John Force Racing Legacy, Rocky and Charade made a go of it in the States for five forgettable years, Now You Can Have the Smaller 1979 Chrysler Newport, Jim Busby Opens His Garage for Legendary Gathering, 1996 Honda Civic Hits 435k Miles, Then Gets Junked, Carlisle Will Mark a Big Honda Civic Anniversary, Heres How Greenwich Concours Will Change in 2023, 1966 Ford Fairlane Trips into Psychedelic Future, Daihatsu: The other Toyota budget brand that left us. When you mix this tiny lightweight four-wheel drive with this lightweight and compact four-wheel drive, you get a nimble, fuel-efficient, yet efficient class vehicle. If you look at the pictures you will see it was torn apart to get painted but was never put back together. Find 33 used Daihatsu as low as $8,499 on Carsforsale.com. Whereas Japanese mini trucks have a right-hand steering wheel, Chinese small trucks have a left-hand steering wheel. 45 Miles. ***STREET LEGAL Mini Truck! Whichever Kei truck you choose, youre getting a terrific deal and you would not be disappointed. In the United States, this class of vehicle is classified as a low speed vehicle as defined under CFR 49-571.500 and is limited to a top speed of 25 MPH. Financing Available!!! To remove the current item in the list, use the tab key to move to the remove button of the currently selected item. Still, a 0 to 60 mph jog time of about 15 seconds made commuting a pain in the Charade, especially compared with the zippier versions of the Honda Civic which the Charade had the misfortune of going up against. Theres no end to what you can do with your tough, off-road 44 Japanese mini truck. If youve had a few cars, youre probably aware that some consume a lot of gas and necessitate many visits to the mechanic. The front and roof of the truck have surface rust spots, but none of the spots have rusted through so it can still be addressed. When the tread becomes useless, usually at a depth of less than 3/16, it is time to replace the tire. How To Sell A Car Privately: Selling A Car Yourself Without Dealers, How To Trade A Car That Is Not Paid Off: Trading In What You Owe, Your email address will not be published. Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not been classified into a category as yet. The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Necessary". 1990 Daihatsu Hijet 4wd Pick Up Mini Truck 2 Door 4wd Mini Truck Additional Info: Diahatsu Hijet 4WD Pick Up mini truck by Toyota gets 40+MPGVIN S83P-003579Mini Truck, Right Hand Drive4spd Manual Trans, with 4WD hi & low gears.660cc Engine, center mounted.This mini truck van can be road legal on all roads, it does not have a speed governor and can be used anywhere. In the nineties, when Japans economy was thriving, Japanese car manufacturers were introducing the market to a handful of unique and efficient JDM vehicles. Every Kei truck fan has a distinct reason for loving their trucks. Honda developed the Acty to be a rugged and trustworthy car that can be purchased at a low cost, which means that many of the premium features available in other cars were kept out. 2023 MiniTruckDepot.com all rights reserved. But it was not the first time that a . No, theyre not road legal. Mini trucks are allowed for street use only in California. This one is a ninth-generation Daihatsu Hijet I spotted in downtown Salt Lake City. Our car experts choose every product we feature. Mini trucks are import and street legal in most states. This is how every customer should begin because it is impossible to trust the vehicles legitimacy before learning about the sellers past. Automotive Troubleshooting Expert - I have spent years working on cars. How do people make money on survival on Mars? Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. Research the Daihatsu lineup, including the automaker's latest models, discontinued models, news and vehicle reviews. Choose a vehicle type that runs quickly and has readily available service and parts. If you look hard enough, you can find a used 4X4 mini truck with serious off road potential for significantly less than various ATVs cost. 1993 Daihatsu Hijet 4x4 - Mini Truck - Street Legal. Navigate Categories by tabbing to the major areas. But, there are benefits to bringing your own. Just what were Daihatsus about? We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. Here at ATL JDM, we strive to offer high quality JDM Imported vehicles for sale. The following mini truck and van models are eligible for import to Canada, as well as older generations. The beds may be utilized for a variety of jobs, including hauling freight boxes and delivery trucks, among others. However, one distinguishing feature is that every owner wishes to express their uniqueness via their Kei vehicles. 1991 Daihatsu Hijet Climber - Scissor Lift, 1990 Daihatsu Hijet Climber - Scissor Lift, 1993 Subaru Sambar Automatic SUPERCHARGED, View By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Their adaptability, fuel efficiency, off-road capabilities, and so on. Learn how you can get a street legal mini truck in Canada. Maintain a tight grasp at all times. I have the seats, carpet, dashboard and most of the plastics in a box. However, you may visit "Cookie Settings" to provide a controlled consent. I can import a Nissan Skyline, a vehicle that was never designed for the American market, and under the 25 year rule it can be titled, registered, insured, and driven on the road just like any other car. The Rocky paired stylish looks with excellent off-road clearance and a well-made cabin, even though ergonomics could have been a little better. [Reader Question], Which Silverado Engine to Get: 5.3L or 6.2L V8? Aquesta generaci continu en producci fins l'eixida de la novena l'any 1999. Daihatsu Hijet and it's Toyota Pixis and Subaru Sambar derivatives are the best all-season work UTV's for sale today. Theyre dependable in several forms. You really wouldnt want to have a dead battery. Its possible to import Mini Trucks to most countries. If the chosen vehicle is a limited edition or antique model, it may be difficult to locate the parts essential for effective operation. Dereg documents are sent to all parties once the vehicles are paid for and en route to the arrival port. The Japanese kei truck is one of the ultimate utility vehicles, engineered to deliver the most for the least. No higway use. *** Manual transmission carbureted 660cc (0.6L) 3-cylinder engine. But Daihatsus were always aimed at the economy side of the passenger car market, with the company relying on exports to other Asian countries. These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to provide customized ads. Since all Japanese Mini Trucks are right-hand-drive, the left-hand-drive trucks you may likely find are either Chinese or specially made/tweaked. Trucks with lifts make every heavy job safer and easier, while trucks with dump beds are great for modified farming, landscaping, and construction jobs. Your Kei truck demands some TLC to ensure its functionality and maintain it in good condition. This site uses cookies. ATL JDM services also handle the registration process, procuring a clear Georgia title making the vehicle 100% United States Street Legal. When you are thinking about buying an efficient vehicle such as a Kei truck, its only natural that you would consider all your options. Ultimately, the Suzuki brand is well-known, which lends confidence to the Suzuki Carry compact truck. Usually, you can get a lesser price and (perhaps) better upkeep. The three-cylinder engines in a Kei are typically mated with a 4-speed or 5-speed manual gearbox. How much salary can I expect in Dublin Ireland after an MS in data analytics for a year? Push Button 4WD Street Legal . Shop Daihatsu Models near you. The See more button is for visual users only to expose content incrementally that is already available to you. 1994 Daihatsu Hijet Deck Van GX Mini Van $ 11,499 $ 200/mo* $ 200/mo* For Japanese mini trucks, the speed could go up to 62-75 mph. Despite this, the Imported Vehicle Safety Compliance Act of 1988 exempts cars that are 25 years or older, based on the manufacture date. In six easy steps, we can source exactly what you are looking for using ATL JDMs Custom Import Plan. Sure, there are some concerns, but the procedure is pretty straightforward for those importing a single car at a time for self-use. We have a team of writers working daily on common car problems. People should be more attentive when purchasing automobiles, focusing on ones that are both frugal and inexpensive to maintain. ATL JDM services also handle the registration process, procuring a clear Georgia title making the vehicle 100% United States Street Legal. Performance was nothing to write home about, but that wasn't the point of these cars. Currently non-op so there are no fees. We also translate and prepare all necessary documents for customs clearance. Refine Your Search Sort By. Sold. Mini trucks have soft top covers available that fit on all stock units. We sell trucks and parts, as well as offer information on Japanese mini trucks. Ask me anything. Sales 310-498-4465 www.minitruckdealer.com High Quality Mini Truck: Japan Time: 4:05 ,Sat 29-Apr: HOME. Altogether, you can rely on this Subaru vehicle to carry you and your stuff wherever you must go. The thing is that the truck has to be under 600cc's to be eligeble to be registered. In recent seasons, there is a growth in the number of users employing tiny commercial vehicles in daily instances, such as shopping, traveling to work or school, as well as a rise in the number of senior users. My brother invested close to $4k back when he was working on it. Is Daihatsu Hijet street legal? How To Trade Car That Is Not Paid Off: Still Owe Money On It? It is offered in both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive configurations. Its not likely to win any street races, but its modest bed provides plenty of capacity for hauling items. You cannot use them on the highway but there are no restrictions . This exercise will also allow you to estimate how much money you will be likely to get if you plan to sell the truck in the long haul. The debate on whether to get a Japanese Kei truck or a Chinese one comes up in conversation most of the time.