Further "sightings" followed; he can be "seen" in the background of a scene in 1990's Home Alone. Manage Settings Let us get back to the Bataclan as we still have more details to dig up on that monstrosity of a false fake news event. He was given the Outstanding Contribution Award at the Shanghai World Expo, the 2010 China Internet Celebrity Award, and was named Harmony Star by the World Harmony Foundation, according to a report by Sina News. There's also this clothing brand called "Believe 26" I think, which I haven't looked into much, but this guy associated with them peddles the theory that he is alive and will make a comeback at some point - I think there's also some illuminati stuff and all manner of other weird conspiracy stuff around it, but it all seems very far-fetched to me. Just as you thought I can not have any more snippets to open your eyes to the lies and deception you are faced with on a daily basis, here is a picture of the inside of the alleged Bataclan attacks in Paris, France, on November 13, 2015, I remember it well, they use dummies on the set of the shootings and smeared them and the floor in fake blood. 'We have a pending toxicology, micros and police investigation we haven't ruled on the cause of death yet.'. I didn't get a chance to learn how Sarah believes his passing ties into Jackson's supposed plan for life after death, as she stopped replying to my messages. There's also the fact that one of his posthumous albums was called "Xscape", which some think is a hint he had "escaped" somewhere, plus his cover/tribute of/to "A Horse With No Name" which he did as "A Place With No Name" which includes the lyrics "take me to a place without no name". Sources at the bottom. I love Michael loads, and do believe he is sadly gone. is cottonseed oil safe for nut allergy EXCLUSIVE: High-ranking Met Police officer on 100,000-a-year who was found to be a regular user of Police hunt for Brixton killer after woman in her 30s is stabbed to death in broad daylight near O2 Academy. Link to Believe 26 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/believetwentysix/, 8. Dave Dave/David Jordan Robinson, 1976 618 - 2018 715 1983 David Charles Rothenberg [ ] 6 [1] The Clark County coroner's office said Dave passed away the morning of. This all points back to Saturn worship, Sun worship, and Illuminati puppets and backing dancers who play out silly little pantomimes. WHERE WAS THE OTHER 1400 PEOPLE IN THE STREET? Dave Dave's eyes also look darker than normal in the interview compared to other appearances. She is steeped in the occult also, she follows mystery teachings, those she pretends to be speaking out against. You should learn some basic numerology to help you get all this. The "Dave Chappelle" you see today is his replacement. The interview is an eye-opening WTF moment that cant be missed. I always let them know. In other words, by this logo being shown all worldwide after the Paris attacks, the masses were subjected to what is known as sigil magic, this is processed by your subconscious mind where it is stored in your psyche where it then plays a part in the shaping of your paradigm, which is basically the world how you see it. Scan this QR code to download the app now, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En5Q4syywcw. There are rumours that, at the end of his life, he had no nose, using a clip-on prosthetic when he was in public. There are also photos and videos of his kids where people claim you can see/hear him in the background (I can't see it to be honest). Another in the background of an Instagram video taken by daughter Paris in 2016. Anorak News | Michael Jackson Death Hoax: Dave Dave Is Jacko And Cynical Scepticism. Also, if you look at the flight list for LAX that day, there was one to Mexico whose status (in the air, landed, etc) was listed as "unknown". He took me into his life. He had enough. Why do I believe hes alive? On the 3rd of March that year, after an argument between the two, his father, Charles Rothenberg, gave his son a sleeping pill. On 25th June 2009 it was reported that LAX was closed for a couple of hours and there was a larger security presence there than usual. Once you see dummies instead of dead bodies you will be that wiser to it all. They think he was a nonce. There was also the incident where his family held a gathering to honour him on what would have been his birthday after he died, and there was a "mysterious figure" clearly in disguise with their face covered, spotted and photographed at the party from outside. Comparative video that shows scary similarities between Dave Dave and Michael Jackson.It doesn't intend to prove anything, it's just a comparison.Comment wha. People theorised that Michael had "borrowed" Dave's . Miraculously, Dave defied the odds by surviving even though 90 per cent of his body was burned. Clark County's Coroner John Fudenberg told DailyMail.com that a series of forensic tests are being conducted to determine the cause of death. I believe what people fail to realize is that Michael was a human being. You will see the relevance when I show you the colours of the Mali Flag, and yes this flag did also pop up as a Facebook profile filter option along with mark as safe in Mali Facebook alerts which often come tied in with these hoax events. David Rothenberg changed his name. I was about 7 years old at the time. Award show executive and TV producer Bowman, 59, said: 'Dave's death has left us all devastated. Link to article containing an example of one of the photos: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/542992/michael-jackson-alive-daughter-s-instagram-selfie, 12. There are tons of photos of the two pictured together. Father. But why would Michael pretend to be someone else? dear brothers and sisters, this is our brother michael jackson, how he looks like now, because of the accident.during the pepsi commercial. Link to an image showing flights and statuses 25th June 2009: https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fi37.servimg.com%2Fu%2Ff37%2F14%2F27%2F51%2F35%2F2510.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com.onion.rent%2Fuser%2Fface_611&docid=Wr42t7HW5JE4TM&tbnid=FjgbOQ0Kp_am_M%3A&vet=10ahUKEwjerLWmjILhAhVLnRoKHeQkCesQMwhEKAMwAw..i&w=600&h=450&itg=1&client=safari&bih=734&biw=1073&q=lax%20closed%2025%20june%202009&ved=0ahUKEwjerLWmjILhAhVLnRoKHeQkCesQMwhEKAMwAw&iact=mrc&uact=8. Your email address will not be published. TMZ.com reported he died six minutes before the doctor pronounced him dead, and CNN kept telling us he was in a coma. Other things to look for, apart from that voice was the way he talks over Larry King with confidence, only the most elite stars would even dream to speak over Larry the CIA King of Operation Mocking Bird turned CNN fake news presenter.. Something went wrong, please try again later. Dave had many inner demons and often went through dark times.'. The actual Dave Dave died just some years ago. Look at the dust, the New York-like Skyline, mirrored in the duality as above so below reference in the black and white masonic floor, 911 was the hyper event that pulled this fake vial over our eyes back in 2001 anyway, so let me remove that vial for you, you only have to go looking for answers, you will always find more questions. I can assure you that while Michael Jackson would be thrilled that Dave would become a lawyer, Michael Jackson never wanted to be a lawyer himself. Bowman, who has known Dave for 20 years, added: 'Dave was a special human being, who had a lot of talent. Permalink, Picture 1 of 24. SEE THE LIGHTS ALL AROUND THE RED TOP BALCONY FEATURE MISSING FROM THE IMAGE BELOW? Award show executive and TV producer Bowman (pictured with Dave Dave) described his late friend as a 'special human being who had a lot of talent', Dave, pictured with extended family,had built a successful career as a respected artist staging many exhibitions across the country. Another video also emerged from the same gig on February 1 and was posted by user Okom. Just reminding you so you stay with me. He put people at peace, he brought people together. This Dave Dave is a 33-year-old New Yorker born David Rothenberg. Dave, who lived in Las Vegas, had in recent years built a successful career as a respected artist staging many exhibitions across the country. Charles Rothenberg spent less than seven years of a 13-year sentence in prison for attempted murder. And throughout the years he never let me go. Dave became globally famous for surviving an horrific attack by his father aged six in 1983. The circumstances of his death are still a mystery, however, and detectives are investigating. Well let me tell you now it had nothing to do with peace, I see symbols and I go and find what they mean, not just me, there is thousands of us who do this , millions even, we have a thirst for knowledge and to uncover these secrets. I read michaeljacksonsightings.com as much as I can. 'It is a great way to mark his memory,' he said. Michael was there for me whenever I needed to talk to him. In adulthood, after changing his name and becoming a conceptual artist, Dave and Jackson became friends. EXCLUSIVE Boss of Lib-Dem run South Cambridgeshire council which was first to introduce a four-day week is Martin Lewis reveals how to get a cheaper supermarket shop and FREE food. Required fields are marked *. WHO SPREAD THE BLOOD AROUND OR DRAGGED THE BODIES? Michael offered a lot of emotional support for me. NEWS COMPANIES YOUR LUCKY DAY IS HERE CLICK IMAGES TO BUY YOURSELF A STUNT DUMMIE AND STAGE A FAKE MEDIA TERROR EVENT. The whole next part of the article relies on you watching the video below, it is a song from the King of Disguise/Pop called Blood On The Dance Floor and it takes us on an adventure with more truth on this page than you will see on Sly News, (sky News) Bullshits Biggest Channel, (BBC News) or Crappy News Network (CNN) all year combined and that is a scary fact. Continue with Recommended Cookies, Video: Michael Jackson Is Alive MJ Watched His Own Funeral In Disguise As Dave Dave On CNN MJ Death Hoax. It's also insanely disrespectful to both of these men, who are also now dead and deserve to rest. He had overcome so much in his life to get to where he was now building a career as a very respected artist.'. This special wasn't designed for them. This was at a time on YouTube in my early days when I had a largely American only base of people who followed and supported my work. Archived post. His sister Janet also released a song after he died where parts of it 100% sound like MJ singing with her, freaked me out when I heard it. Hemet Michael Jackson in the 1980s and eventually worked for the pop star, Friends say Jackson treated Dave like a younger brother and always invited him to Neverland. Wang has received several awards for his impersonation of the King of Pop. Another close friend, Al Bowman, says news of his death has shocked his close circle because Dave seemed in good health and was expanding his art collection. Jesus was crucified on March 29, the 88th day,88 days later, my dad died. There are 11 weeks and 1 day between June 25 and September 11. He would shudder at the very thought.. Michael Jackson yayor Michael Jackson Dave Dave klnda CNN kanalnam kt? 'I had a lot of admiration for Dave. I mentioned Larry The Liar King earlier, here is a video that will take you 50 minutes to watch but if you have time your eyes will be opened to how they manipulate press within the opening sequences of the massively important documentary. Link to the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlJvMU-5NyA and to the Wikipedia page about the song: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Place_with_No_Name, 10. The logo on Michael Jacksons shirt in the video came back again to make more sense than previously thought when we had another terror incident on the news just one week after the Paris attacks On20 November 2015, when Islamist militants reportedly took 170 hostages and killed 20 of them in a massshootingat the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako, the capital city ofMali. I'm just not ready to accept that he's not.". He never hurt a soul and Im happy to have been his friend all these years. Majority of British public think Charles should not apologise for slavery, new poll shows, Even most republicans see no benefit in abolishing the monarchy, new poll reveals. '', 'The Jackson family respected him so much that he was a guest at their private funeral for Michael.'. Here is some more evidence that it is quite common knowledge that this logo is a satanic symbol associated to witchcraft. It was founded on April 25, 1979. The Gloved One. A hug that never ended throughout the years. He made headlines when King of Pop Michael Jackson became close friends with him, even employing him as part of his staff in the 1980s. It is a bit freaky, but it's worth remembering that song was apparently recorded in the 80s - and I feel like you can tell by his voice as it did change a little as time went by. It has been quite refreshing to revisit some of the insults to our intelligence as they deny us of what we see with our own eyes. ", At the funeral Brian Oxman sat next to Dave and spoke of Daves eulogy as moving www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2623700/Jackos-star-burned-so-bright.html, Source:vindicatemj.wordpress.com/2010/10/28/dave-dave-as-another-of-michael-jacksons-child-friends/. That he tried to buy the bones of Joseph Merrick, more commonly known as The Elephant Man. He released the song Blood On The Dance Floor, on March 21, 1997. Tim Mullen At Kingsport SDA Church On Mothers Day, May 9? To have gone through what he had gone through as a child at the hands of his father, and to lead a life as rich as he did and as creative and as caring and as giving as he did, I think is amazing, Watkiss said, speaking on behalf of his mother, Marie. Look at the sun behind her head and the finger pointing up, where have we seen that one before? It was very cathartic to be able to look my dad in the face and tell him exactly what was on my mind, Dave told the Review-Journal. EXCLUSIVE Revealed: Bungling road chiefs put drivers at greater risk on smart motorways because orange paint Scientists can now read your MIND: AI turns people's thoughts into text in real-time. The point is this was the first time I spotted something and took it on as my own unique decode report. Dave - who made global headlines when he suffered burns on 90 per cent of his body after his father set him on fire as a six-year-old - was rushed to hospital after paramedics were called to an apartment complex near McCarran International Airport on July 15. Michael Jackson holds his eight-month-old son Prince Michael II over the balcony of the Adlon Hotel, Berlin, Germany in 2002 Getty Images Michael Jackson and James Brown perform at the 3rd Annual . "I'm glad his interest in cloning is being revealed now, since he was a pioneer in his views about it back in 2002 and his fans ought to know about it." "Human cloning is still making headlines six years after the birth of the first clone child," Boisselier added. He then watched the blaze from a telephone booth across the street. ", "girl, believe that I live on" etc. The boy used to be called David Rothenberg but he changed his name to free himself from his fathers name and criminality, as he put it,after his father had committed an abominable crime he doused him with kerosene when the boy was asleep, set him on fire and burned 90 per cent of his six-year-old body. WE SEEN 1 DOOR THE IN FOOTAGE? Out of all the horrible myths and conspiracies about Michael, this is by far one of the most disgusting ones. Michael saved his sisters husband from suicide, www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2623700/Jackos-star-burned-so-bright.html, vindicatemj.wordpress.com/2010/10/28/dave-dave-as-another-of-michael-jacksons-child-friends/. 'And it was amazing that he could sculpt and paint like he did given his fingers were so badly damaged. 'He went through life with a smile on his face. 7=4=11. He wanted to meet me. Remember they are just reports, reports are coming in, then more reports and more then none. There's rumours he's either living in Gloucestershire or Bahrain.". Paris, just like the rest of Wackos kids, has been subject of lifelong, is she or isnt she, Michaels child speculation. There are tons of newspaper reports about Michael Jackson still being alive so this is another one worth looking at. So anyway in short Christmas Day, December 25 is the birthday of Nimrod, the Sun God, the new sun, Ra, EL, Baal, the Sun, The Devil, which is the Babylonian, Pagan, Jesuit, Roman, Egyptian, Greek, Kabbalistic and Satanic sun worship that you keep seeing me refer too. Duration between dates From: Saturday, 17 October 2015 (MJ Tribute Night At Bataclan) To: Friday, 13 November 2015, (Blood On The Dance Floor Attacks In The Bataclan) = 27 days, the perfect cube, 3x3x3=27. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group. 'Nazi gold' turns out to be a WW2 bullet and a pair of muddy boots: Hunt for lost loot hidden in Dutch 'I'm no deadbeat dad!' . I don't mean to offend anyone with this. He then appears again after his alleged death watching his own funeral live on CNN dressed up in disguise as burns victim, Dave Dave, who they say is formerly known as Dave Rothenberg before he changed his name because his dad set him on fire in the house. The rolling stone is a reference to when the stone sealing the tomb of Jesus was gone leaving his resting place wide open and his thought to be dead body was nowhere to be seen. Souza and Mo run the site. This subreddit is dedicated to the life and art of Michael Joseph Jackson (1958 - 2009 - ). This is important apart from the obvious reasons (you have been lied to), but to help you with the understanding of the number 88 and an 88 sequence which needs highlighting because it does show more mockery and deception and cryptically ties into 9/11 which we are linking to the Michael Jackson Blood On The Bataclan Dance Floor Attacks. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. THIS MESSAGE IS FOR MICHAEL JACKSON, WE STILL LOVE HOW ARE. Privacy Policy. The vocal mannerisms are extremely comparable to Michael Jacksons unique way of speaking. Did Michael Jackson fake his death? p style=text-align: left;>Just after the Paris Jackson Blood On the Bataclan Dance Floor Attacks, I Tweeted her to ask her if her name was linked to the event, but as you can see the Tweet is a visually bit bland to say the least, both accounts have since been terminated by Twitter over time. Enchanted LifePath News, Articles, Reports, Educational Films, Live Streams, Videos, Podcasts, Live Streams, and more. I am far from the enemy in all of this and although my information may at times be a head of a head fuck to you, I do mean well haha, lets move on, we still have lots to get through. On the 30th of July, 2017, Steve Erhardt Jackson's stylist for many years shared a cryptic message on Twitter: "You heard it here first, an announcement of sorts. "I am happy to have been his friend for all these yea. My advice to you is save this image zoom in on it do super special auto fix on its grainy crap quality to make it clearer and see for yourself, but most importantly, do not believe what you hear from trained media and government liars ever again in your life. Summer Wells Lead Detective Pruitt Gmail Email Prank Backfires. And yes my memory is this good so these crisis acting clowns have got an awful lot of tidying to do. It is not the first time an impersonator with a startling similarity to MJ has sparked conspiracy claims. There's an alleged sighting of Jackson or at least a character he played, The Mayor, in the 1996 short film Ghosts in footage shot at his nephew Siggy Jackson's wedding in 2017. The impersonator's performance has sparked comparisons to Michael Jackson. A lot of people dont get a chance to do that, to face the person who hurt them.. One clip from a performance in Sydney shows the singer donning Jacko's iconic red jacket and singing Billie Jean with another singer. Do Not Own Video Thank You Rayanna For The Videoshttps://www.youtube.com/SimplyRayanna David Rothenberg was a six-year-old boy from Brooklyn who, in 1986, was living with his mother. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The cause of death is under investigation. 'He's been dead for 130 years and can still satisfy the ladies': Social media goes wild over mystery woman Father 'crushed to death' in indoor cave at tourist attraction 'was read poem by his daughter' while he lay Can the Keto diet help treat mental illness? He then met Michael Jackson at Neverland. Dave Dave is a burned victim. All of this information is still on the original, Satanic Entertainment Industry Exposed | Pandora's Box Office, Michael Jackson Is Alive On CNN Watching Own Funeral Disguised As Dave Dave, https://enchantedlifepath.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/OMG!%20MICHAEL%20JACKSON%20SEEN%20ALIVE%20AT%20HIS%20OWN%2056th%20BIRTHDAY%20CELEBRATION%20FULL.mp4, https://enchantedlifepath.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Michael-Jackson-Told-Us-Of-The-Paris-Attacks-0-Many-First-In-The-World-Findings-From-Enchanted-LifePath.mp4, Boy, 5, Walks Home Alone From Liverpool Youth Centre In Safeguarding Fail, Child Sacrifice & Satanic Rituals Exposed, Nashville Shooting: Problem, Reaction, Solution and Crisis Actors, Nashville PD Helicopter Took Off 2 Mins Before 911 Calls Made. POSSIBLY A RE-SCALEDSTUDIO SET UP OF THE SECOND IMAGE. The Dave Dave in the interview with Larry King was the real Michael Jackson in disguise. Dave Dave suffered serious burns as a kid and had really bad facial scars as an adult. AND WHERE ARE THE OTHER 1400 PEOPLE SUPPOSED TO OF ESCAPED FROM? I wonder what bloodline shes representing here all draped in green like butter wouldnt melt in its cold blooded mouth? Dave, who was born David Rothenberg, died on July 15 at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg said Wednesday. There is almost certainly nothing in it, just like there is almost certainly nothing in any of these dead celebrity conspiracy theories. His parents were divorced. I found this on the promotional website at the time, a sort of whats on guide for Paris. When Dave was six his father poured fuel on his face and set him on fire. (Paul Kuroda /The Orange County Register via AP, File), Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. Or three, would you be surprised given the fact you just watched him attend a talk about his own funeral on CNN with Larry The Liar King? Longtime Michael Jackson friend Dave Dave appears on "Larry King Live" on the day of Jackson's funeral. HERE IS AN IMAGE OF THE WOMAN HANGING OUT THE WINDOW AT THE BATACLAN FROM NEWS SOURCES WHO YOU THINK ARE VALID. Hopper said: 'He was a good person and very inspiring in so many ways. At the time of his death his official death it's estimated that the singer owed around $500 million (392 million), mostly in interest charges. Si vous souhaitez personnaliser vos choix, cliquez sur Grer les paramtres de confidentialit. Blood On The Dance Floor At The Bataclan Linked To Wacko Jacko? THE HEART IS SYMBOLIC OF LUPERCALIA, THIS EVENT CAME 13 DAYS AFTER OCTOBER 31, SAMHAIN, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS HALLOWEEN, CHECK THIS OUT ON SATANIC SACRIFICE OR HOLIDAY CHARTS. Your email address will not be published. Most of his childhood was spent undergoing intensive hospital treatments and having painful skin grafts. Rothenberg, known as Dave Dave, has died. The Suns Jenna Sloan gets in touch. Look, I know this rumor is old news, but that doesn't mean we should let it be. Media-controlled SJWs are easy to direct. Together they are the Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators. 2015 He also confessed that sleeping could be terrifying at times, as he often had horrific nightmares. I was in good company and learned from not only the best researchers but also subscribers of my channel who have always been the most sharpest and smartest people I have ever interacted with in any form in my whole life and they know it. He then met Michael Jackson at Neverland. I don't believe any of that. Since his death, it's estimated that Jackson has earned in excess of $2 billion. Fairly recently, papers started to report that Sony had admitted the vocals were fake, but they disputed this. "Because people like you hounded him all his life. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. So was Michael Jacksons Blood On The Dance Floor single cover, take a look if you can see it. A Michael Jackson waxwork. The two videos have surfaced on YouTube this week of Chinese tribute artist Wang Jie - otherwise known as Jackson Wang. THIS IS OUR BROTHER MICHAEL JACKSON, HOW HE LOOKS LIKE NOW,BECAUSE OF THE ACCIDENT.DURING THE PEPSI COMMERCIAL. Sign up to the Daily Star's newsletter. For more information, please see our THE BODIES LOOK MORE LIKE FAKE BLOOD HUMAN LIKE DOLLS, STUNT DUMMIES WITH NO WOUNDS. But fans are clearly so amazed by his looks that they have leapt to suggest he could be the real thing. There are tons of people in the comment section, even FANS, who geniunely believe that this was Michael DRESSING UP AS DAVE. Including why the official Michael Jackson Twitter page (probably him anyway) thought the day of the Bataclan attacks was a good day for an MJ dance off. I think one of the craziest conspiracies around MJ is the notion that some of the songs on one of his posthumous albums (I forget which, sorry) don't actually feature him singing at all, and that it's actually an impersonator. Privacy Policy. No, not David Cameron and his clone Nick Clegg. THE BLOOD IS SPREAD AROUND IN THE SHAPE OF A 6 OR HEART. ", "Michael Jackson was like a father figure for me. We use your sign-up to provide content in the ways you've consented to and improve our understanding of you. Dave Dave, who was an artist, died at the age of 42 on July 15, 2018, in Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas from effects of pneumonia. He watched the events that unfolded from a telephone booth across the street from the motel where his son burned. IS THE TOP PICTURE A SET A PROP WITH FAKE BLOOD SPREAD AROUND IT? The media told us two different stories. The Eye of Horus (3rd eye call it what you want) can also be seen here on Paris Jacksons forehead in another weird selfie. BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR? Michael Jackson alive conspiracy fans are convinced footage of an impersonator on stage is actually his clone. "Nobody like him, and there never will be again. One friend who asked not to be named, said: 'The authorities have not given a definitive cause of death yet as they want to examine what substances he had in his system, and whether that caused the death. And if you thought she was just Princess Paris, then this next picture shows who she bows down to. They're insisting that it's his voice, because Dave's voice happens to have a higher pitch than average. He attended Jackson . Do you think I am making this up as I go along, well here you go here is a nice treat to help the point I am making feel that little bit more visual, it is a company who specialises in stunt and corpse dummies, and for a couple of hundred pound and upwards you can buy one of these and go staging fake media hoaxes and tart them up as international terror events. People theorised that Michael had "borrowed" Dave's identity for the interview by wearing heavy prosthetics, which he was known to do sometimes so he could go out in public without being bothered. IS Michael Jackson alive and billing himself as Dave Dave? Tongues have been wagging about the King of Pop being alive and kicking. So, 5+6 =11, the 156 is 1 and 11 and the 209 is 11! LOOK CLOSER AT THE IMAGE ABOVE ZOOM YOUR SCREEN IF ITS BETTER. vidal sassoon london academy,
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